PowerPod Rocks PSP, DS, GBA

DSC01053.JPGAt arrived in Vegas to meet with Bill Gates at CES earlier this year only to discover that I had forgotten to pack my mobile phone charger and that it was nearly dead. In a panic I hit up one of the stores in the airport and picked up a really nifty charger called the PowerPod. The thing comes with interchangeable tips so you can charge a bunch of different mobile phones and small electronics, but more importantly it can draw power from a wall socket, a car cigarette lighter socket, a USB or a 9V battery.Recently the tip for my Treo snapped in half so I called the company about getting a replacement. While on the phone with them I discovered that they now sell tips for the PSP, the DS and the GBA and next month they should be getting a DS Lite tip in. Better still, once they have the DS Lite tip they're going to start selling a Gaming PowerPod for $US25 that will come with the three tips. Sounds like the perfect solution for multiplatform gamers like myself.

PowerPod [Ear Hugger]


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