Pro Evo 2008 Adds New Licences, Seems To Lose Some As Well

proevologo.jpgPro Evo fans, you'll know what this is about. American fans...imagine if the rights to Madden didn't come in one all-encompassing package. Imagine if each team's kit supplier, each team, each stadium, each league, each national body and even the players association had to be signed on individually. That's an issue Pro Evo's always faced, and one they've slowly improved each season as they add more and more official teams and leagues to their roster. For the 2008 version, Konami have announced a range of new club sides and national teams, which include:

National teams: Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Scotland and Ireland

Club teams: Newcastle, Tottenham, RSC Anderlecht, HJK Helsinki, IFK Goteborg, Panathinaicos, Spartak Moscow, Fenerbache, NK Dinamo Zagreb and FC BaselThat's the good news. Bad news? No Aston Villa. That and they may have lost some teams, too. They list Juventus, AC Milan and Turin as "new licensed clubs", but in previous years the entire Italian Serie A had been licensed. Likewise, the list of copyrighted information at the foot of the press release shows that while Inter Milan, Australia, the Czech Republic, England, Japan, Korea, Argentina and the Netherlands are there, there's no mention of licensed teams from Pro Evo 6 like Barcelona or Arsenal.

Fingers crossed they just left them out, and haven't actually lost them.


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