Project Blackbird 02 Rundown

HERO_Beauty_RightOpen_jpg.jpgThe Blackbird 02 is a light-absorbing, monolith of a gaming rig that weighs in at more than 30 kilograms. It also happens to be the first lovechild of HP's army of deep-pocketed designers and VoodooPC's boutique gaming PC aesthetic.

The deep space Black aluminium case looks more like something that belongs in a fighting robot than on your desk and the thing sits on a cast-aluminum foot that not only keeps it off the ground but helps provide more ventilation for cooling.

Hit the jump for the details of this customisable gaming rig that runs for $US2,500 to $7,100. In a nutshell, the case is one giant heatsink that can support up to 270 kilograms, the CPU, GPU and the motherboard are all in separate thermal chambers and it includes a full system, maintenance-free liquid cooling system. Oh and it has a pretty spiffy removable side panel and interior and exterior LED lighting.detailshot.jpgProduct Highlights *Industry Standard Components - HP Blackbird 002 is the most versatile and configurable performance PC in its class, simply because industry standard components are used throughout the machine, making modification easy and driver conflicts a thing of the past. *Full System Liquid Cooling - HP Blackbird 002 is the first in its class to feature full system, maintenance-free liquid cooling that draws heat away from the CPU, motherboard and GPUs. The factory-sealed system does not require the periodic maintenance other systems demand and keeps the machine running quiet. *Thermals - Heat is the enemy of performance PCs, and the three biggest heat generators are the CPU, the GPUs and the power supply. HP Blackbird 002 isolates each heat source in its own thermal chamber, ensuring that cooling air isn't contaminated with heat from one component on its way to cool off another one. The HP Blackbird 002 can handle the heat. *Easy Access - The machine invites users to pop the hood and tinker away. HP Blackbird 002 and its removable side panel, interior and back panel lighting, and Voodoo-style wiring provides easy access for enthusiasts to fine tune their machine's performance. *Tool-less Upgrades - HP Blackbird 002 doesn't come with a toolkit. All the components, from the CPU and GPU to the hard drives and optical drives, can be removed and installed sans tools. * Flexible Overclocking - The HP Blackbird 002 standard BIOS allows user-controlled overclocking. LCS systems are factory overclocked.

Key Design Elements *Aluminum Chassis - Every element of the system's unique aluminum chassis tells a story. Its wedge-shaped design and vectored lines hint at the raw speed inside. The fins that line the top and front reflect a heat sink, paying homage to HP Blackbird's extraordinary thermal management capabilities. And the tight fit and finish of the chamfered edges make it clear that this finely crafted machine is tuned to perfection. *The Hover - The single, cast-aluminium foot supporting HP Blackbird 002 is capable of supporting up to 600 lbs., and only a select number of production facilities are capable of manufacturing it. The cantilevered design allows airflow under HP Blackbird 002, making it possible to seat the 1.1 kW power supply at the base of the chassis.

Availability, Pricing & Warranty * Purchasing - The machine can be purchased online at beginning Sept. 15, 2007 * Pricing - $2,500 - $7,100 USD * Warranty - One year limited warranty


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