Proof Games Can Expand Your Vocabulary

ziggurat.jpgLots of talk about the bad things videogames teach kids. A lot less talk on the benefits. A great thread has popped up over at Something Awful, where everyone's chatting about words they learned solely through playing videogames. As in, if they hadn't played games, they wouldn't know those words. Stuff like reticulating (Simcity 2000), trireme (Civ), trebuchet (Age of Kings) and taciturn (FFVI). Two stand out for me: apothecary, which I picked up from Quest for Glory II, and ziggurat, which I learned from Alex Kidd. Both of which are utterly fantastic words, especially when you can bust them out at age 11. Vocabulary you learned from video games [v5planet @ Something Awful, thanks JC!]


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