PS3 Catches Monster Madness

mmcomingsoon.jpgMonster Madness: The Battle for Suburbia didn't exactly take the Xbox 360 by storm, but it must have done well enough for SouthPeak Games, who just revealed plans to bring a new version of the game to the PlayStation 3 early next year as Monster Madness: EX. What does the EX mean? Extra time in development apparently, as features of the new version include a polished camera system and tightened controls, which in a roundabout way is admitting that the 360 controls could have been better and the camera sucked. Other than that, MM:EX adds mini games and mysterious "newly built in extras" to the mix, hopefully transforming the mildly received 360 game into "the beat-em-up brawler PLAYSTATION 3 system owners have been looking for." Good luck!

SouthPeak Games Announces Monster Madness: EX On The PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System SouthPeak Games Invades the PLAYSTATION 3 System with Hordes of Werewolves, Zombies & Teenagers

Grapevine, Texas - September 12, 2007 - SouthPeak Games today announced plans to release Monster Madness: EX in North America early next year. Following in the footsteps of Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, Monster Madness: EX four player co-op gameplay has an all new polished look and improved game elements for its debut on the PLAYSTATION 3 system.

"The Monster Madness series has a lot to offer gamers of all ages, whether they're old school or new school," said Melanie Mroz, Executive VP of SouthPeak Games. "The top down camera combined with the co-op and online multiplayer make it the perfect title for the PLAYSTATION 3 system."

"It is exciting for us to expand upon this game and to add new content and gameplay," said Dave Hagewood of Psyonix. "We are broadening the experience of Monster Madness on the PLAYSTATION 3 system to more players than ever before."

Monster Madness: EX is building off of the base created by the original Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia released earlier this year on Xbox 360â„¢ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Taking on the role of four intrepid teenagers, players will set out to save their town from the evil that's been unleashed. With tightened controls, a host of mini-games, a polished camera and newly built in extras, Monster Madness: EX promises to be the beat-em-up brawler PLAYSTATION 3 system owners have been looking for.


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