PS3 Movie, TV Download Service Coming, But Not Anytime Soon

giantjacktretton.jpgThe Xbox Live Video Marketplace is doin' alright for Microsoft. People like the convenience, they like the easy access to stuff in HD. You'd think Sony would be right on top of a similar setup for the PS3, and would have been there since launch, but they're not. They are working on it, though, and Jack Tretton has been out speculating on what the service might look like:

Everybody in the world has rightly pointed out that Sony is uniquely positioned with having a great heritage in hardware, and a great heritage in software - they own a music business, they own a successful movie studio and a successful gaming division. So just based on our internal resources alone we should be able to take advantage of synergies. We're working closely together to come up with a service that we think will be of benefit to the consumer as well as not just the PlayStation brand but potentially across all Sony properties.

It's a grand vision, one with not just Microsoft but also iTunes firmly in their sights. Thing is, it's not even close to being ready. Tretton says it's definitely not 2007, and sets the goalposts even further back by confirming it will be "within this platform lifecycle". That's anytime within the next, what, at least five years, so don't hold your breath. You might pass out and smack your head as you fall, leaving a nasty bruise and a silly explanation for how you got it. Jack Tretton Talks PlayStation Network, Video Downloads []


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