Psychonauts Creator Reveals, Releases New Game "Epic Saga"

dfp_epic_fight.jpgTim Schafer's Double Fine Productions has announced its latest game, one that is definitely not Brutal Legend starring Jack Black as a dead roadie clawing his way from Rock and Roll Hell to Rock and Roll Heaven. No, instead, Double Fine brings us an original IP shocker in Epic Saga - Extreme Fighter an amazingly deep online fighting game that tells the story of "a barbaric hero in an epic fantasy world, fighting his way from Rock and Roll Hell to Rock and Roll Heaven."Players can choose to progress through the game's storyline with one of six fighters, including the Barbarian, Horny Witch, Dark Wizard, Cave Dweller and Gnome King, with the speedy Gnome featured as an unlockable character. This is AAA stuff, folks. Once you see all four frames of animation on each beautifully rendered character, you will believe that Double Fine is ready for the next-next-generation of hardware.

If you've got the skills to take on this series of truly extreme fighters, you won't be disappointed. The ending is nothing short of spectacular.

Epic Fighter [Double Fine Productions, thanks Collin!]


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