Quake Wars Demo Is Live

002_Flying-Escort.jpgThe Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo is ready for download on the game's official site. It actually supports both single and multiplayer modes, so you can kill bots and friends alike. We actually saw the featured map (Valley) in Leipzig and I can attest to it being both large and beautiful. And if this Mac were only a PC, we'd be base jumping off mountaintops into enemy bases instead of just telling you about it. Maybe it's time for that Vista install.

Anyone who completes the download, hit the comments and let us know the size, experience, etc. Because we want details. And we want you to do our job for us. Hit the jump for the full press release. Download it here

The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars PC demo is now available from the game's official site: http://www.enemyterritory.com/. Head to the "download demo" tab for a list of local mirrors. You can also view a list of available mirrors at this site:http://community.enemyterritory.com/index.php?q=node/130.

The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars PC Demo (Multiplayer & Single-Player) comes with the final version of Valley, one of the larger battlegrounds in the game. Set in Yosemite, California, Valley has the Global Defence Force on the attack, as they attempt to foil a Strogg contamination plot centring on a water treatment facility. Valley features a great blend of close quarters infantry action, vehicle battles and aircraft dogfights, and the varied terrain combining mountains, waterways, tunnels and industrial structures allows for many different playing styles. To top it all off, there's a multitude of optional side missions and plenty of opportunities to try out the various defence turrets, artillery and radar deployables - Valley is a prime example of the frantic and diverse action you'll find in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars.

If you want to learn more about Valley, read our Valley Map Guide (http://community.enemyterritory.com/index.php?q=node/91) for a full run-down of the team objectives, secondary missions and a host of tactical tips for getting the most out of the various GDF and Strogg weapons, items, deployables and vehicles.

The Demo also features ETQW's bots, so you can explore the map and gameplay in single-player mode with computer-controlled opponents...


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