Radio Shack To Carry Video Games

radioshack.jpgDespite the fact that their online store has a rather large catalog of games for sale, to me Radio Shack has always been the place my dad took me as a kid to buy crappy toys. According to Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson, however, that's all set to change next Tuesday as the company plans to use the launch of Halo 3 to launch itself into the retail gaming business, carrying software and hardware in their stores. The GameSpot article cites several other analysts calling the move a bad idea due to GameStop's dominance of the sector as well as lack of space to dedicate to a serious selection, and I have to agree. Unless they are willing to dedicate a large percentage of floor space to gaming, this won't work. Carrying a limited selection of popular titles only works at the airport *hides his $60 copy of FFIII DS*. At least we now have a good idea of where to go in case Halo 3 sells out everywhere next week.

RadioShack reorganizing retail outlets to sell games [GameSpot]


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