Random Strangers Praticing English

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft

Whew! Back in Osaka. Just in time for dinner. And dinner was okonomiyaki and yakisoba. No kidding. True Osaka food. Damn, it's good to be back. Just before I passed through the ticket wickets at Tokyo Station to get on the bullet train home, a man in a business suit came running towards me, all sweaty like. He asked in English, "Can I help you?" Um. "Is here anything I can do for you?" Ah, yes. Someone wants to practice their English. He smiles. Blinks. "Where do I catch the bullet train?" I ask. "Right through those wickets." Oh. Great. "Where are you going?" "Osaka." "Okay," he tells me, "Go right through the wicket and to the other side of the station. There you can catch the train to Osaka." The train that I catch from Tokyo to Osaka twice a month. "Thank you," I say. "Have a nice trip to Osaka," he says. "Oh, I will," I reply.

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