React Brings Guitars For The Holidays

reactguitars.jpgAfter the warm reception their red and black Reaper model received earlier this year, React is introducing two new models of wireless guitar controllers for the PS2. The blue, green and white number is called the Odyssey and is pretty enough, but The Legacy is the one that has me drooling. Not only does it have a very classy wood grain finish, but it also comes with a pair of wireless foot pedals. One pedal controls star power, while the other acts as a whammy bar. Perfect for those of us who constantly screw themselves up while flailing about to get star power going. Both new models should be available from Best Buy in November.


(MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Adding to their current line-up of charismatic guitar controllers, React will introduce their two newest wireless models, The Legacy and the Odyssey, in time for the 2007 holidays.

The Odyssey conveys a fresh, vibrant, and modern sensibility and is equally accessible to both male and females, while The Legacy is a vintage throwback with a timeless wood grain finish. And as a revolutionary add-on, The Legacy includes a wireless dual-effect pedal that allows the gamer to initiate star power or the whammy bar with a tap of their foot. Use of the pedal is optional, but highly encouraged.

The Legacy and Odyssey, the newest in the line of React "high-design" guitars controllers, will launch in November at all Best Buy locations nationwide.


    Do the Guitars work with both Guitar Hero Games and Rock Band?

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