Reader's Kawaii Kotaku-tan Charms Us

kotakucutieclose.jpg Crecente is a fantastic mascot. Really. But, we need something a little, I dunno, cuter and more kawaii. Over at deviantART, Norway-based artist Lisa-Marie worked three-days to create this "Kotaku Cutie." What inspired this? Her soon-to-be-husband suggested creating something like this when she needed a drawing exercise. Lisa-Marie tried to get all the platforms in as well as our baby shit green and hot pink colours. Nice eye for detail — just look at her stockings! It's lined with PlayStation triangle, square, x and circle piping. Nice job — we're flattered. Hit the jump for the full version. kotakucutiebig.jpg

Oh, and Lisa-Marie just had a birthday. Happy Birthday!

Kotaku Cutie [DevianART, Thanks Robert!]


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