Real Time Worlds Says "No" To Crackdown Sequel

crackdown_sequel_nixed.jpgLove Crackdown? I assume a good portion of the 1.5 million of you who bought it did—and not just for the Halo 3 beta key contained within. If you're a big Crackdown fan, you'll have to wait a long time for the sequel, as developer Real Time Worlds says they aren't working on it. Why? According to Develop Mag's report, producer Phil Wilson said that "Microsoft were a little late in stepping up to the plate to ask for Crackdown 2, and by then we had already started working on bigger, better things."That bigger and better thing is most likely Real Time Worlds' cops and robbers MMO APB which is definitely not a remake of Atari arcade game of the same name (sadly). The Scottish developer also has something else up its sleeve, due to hit unspecified platforms in 2009.

Despite a rocky development cycle that went overbudget and a "poor image pre-release", it seems that Crackdown was definitely a success. So why no sequel, Microsoft?

Realtime Worlds chats about Crackdown creation challenges [Develop Mag]


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