Red Steel 2, Cofirmed By My Eyes (And Now Yours)

red-steel-2-q_52-1.jpgWe all know Red Steel 2 is coming. It's like the next Rocky movie. You don't necessarily know when or how, and nobody's admitting it, but the film will get here eventually. And when it does, it'll be a suckfest.

Well now we know that Red Steel 2 is coming. Published in the upcoming Nintendo Magazine (UK), this teaser ad reads: "Your Move, Young Grasshoppa...Bigger. Better. Bolder. Bloodier. First screens and hands-on impressions. Only in next month's Official Nintendo Magazine." Then they add, "And oh - it's online." So is anyone out there actually looking forward to the sequel, especially with online play? Or were you one of the million copies sold, making an impulse buy to hit your minimum Wii bundle quota? Official Nintendo UK mag confirms Red Steel 2 online [via gamingblog]


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