Resident Evil 4 Resurrected On Mobile Phones

resident_evil_4_mobile.jpgWe don't feel that Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami should have gone through with his threatened self-decapitation just because the Gamecube game got the PlayStation 2 port treatment, but someone simply must answer for Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition. In all seriousness, the game looks pretty respectable for a 3D mobile port of the most attractive Resident Evil to date, but anyone expecting something better than a PS One-level appearance will be disappointed.

The demo on hand for Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition was super brief, but the trailer running on the perimeter of the booth indicated that the game was very much in-depth. Boss fights, Ashley escorting, loads of shooting poverty stricken villagers in the face—it's all here. A bit rough around the edges and features extremely purple "zombies" but not a bad effort. Just don't expect a Gamecube in your pocket.


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