Resident Evil 5 Is Totally (Maybe) Set In Haiti (We Think)

After hearing from [NAME REMOVED]that Resident Evil 5 was set in Haiti, something we've been wondering about since the game's trailer appeared at Microsoft's E3 press conference, we wanted to check with Capcom on their home turf to see if we could confirm it. For the record, we really don't care where it's final location is—could be Raccoon Island for all we care—but we want to know why it's apparently some big secret. So we asked Resident Evil 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi about it, assuming he probably runs into RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi now and then.

So, Kobayashi, is it Haiti? Because two online articles that fired up fanboy shields and cries of racism said it appeared to be set in Africa. The initial response was simply "Who told you that?" And after laughing off a rumoured alternate location ("What? Uganda?"), we finally got Kobayashi's response from the translator.

Kobayashi's answer was "I'm not working on Biohazard 5. I can't answer this question. You'll have to ask somebody else about that."

The translator helped us with the stuff between the lines. The real translation: "Don't ask me, basically. He said 'Please, ask me something about Devil May Cry.'" Damn, it's really hard to get a straight answer around here.

Regardless of the geographic setting, I expect that Resident Evil 5 is going to push some buttons and be the source of some heated debate. Racist exploitative trash or high concept metaphor wrapped in a horror-action game?

We'll have more Devil May Cry 4 details from our one-on-one with the man responsible for bringing Dante and crew to the new generation of consoles up later this week.


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