Resident Evil: Extinction Eats Weekend Box Office

reexting.jpgNo matter what your personal feelings are about the Resident Evil franchise, it is nice to see a movie based on a video game come in tops at the box office over the weekend. Resident Evil: Extinction took in $24 million this weekend, beating it's nearest competitor, Good Luck, Chuck by a clean $10 million. This almost makes it the best weekend pull of all three RE movies, beating Apocalypse's $23 million despite selling less tickets, a testament to ticket prices pushing past ridiculous into 'no f***ing way' territory. You win this time, Milla Jovovich, but don't think this makes up for Ultraviolet.

"Resident Evil" Infects Top Spot [Box Office Mojo]

Editor's note: I don't care how it's doing at the box office - I still think it's going to be horrible. Soul-destroying even. Do yourself a favour and wait for this.


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