Resident Evil: Extinction Infects Theaters

reextinct.jpgThe third installment of the continuously worsening Resident Evil movie series is finally here, waiting patiently at a theater near you until something you really want to see ends up sold out. From the 18% Resident Evil: Extinction has gotten so far at Rotten Tomatoes, it definitely sounds like the sort of movie you'd only see if nothing else was available, or perhaps on a dare. I personally am amazed at how they've taken a concept as glorious as Milla Jovovich killing zombies and made it totally abhorrent to me, though honestly Milla herself contributed greatly to that thanks to her vapid commentary on the first movie's DVD, where she was revealed as that girl who is extremely hot until she opens her mouth to talk and half the sounds are giggles. Not so much an announcement now as it is a warning - Resident Evil: Extinction is in theatres today. Makes sure to buy your tickets for better movies in advance.


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