Rez, Every Extend Extra, Ikagura on XBLA in Early 2008

rezheader.jpg My first appointment of the day took me out of the convention centre and over to the plush New Otani Hotel for a meeting with Microsoft's Chris Early about XBLA and Games for Windows LIVE. No sooner had I sat down than a contrller was put in my hand and I was faced with the task of playing Ikaruga. Now, I had never played it before and while it was a cool game I found it a bit difficult with all the flipping of ship colours and collecting coloured power ups, especially on a first try. I could definitely see how it could be a fun game after a bit of practice and the visuals were quite nice. Players of the original version of the game who were present at the time agreed that the visuals were head and shoulders above the original. We also took a look at Every Extend Extra Extreme which we had seen at our earlier visit to Q Entertainment. Much to everyone's delight, Mr. Early confirmed that Rez, Every Extend Extra and Ikagura would be available for the US market in the first calendar quarter of 2008 (not to be confused with the first fiscal quarter). I can hardly wait for that sweet, sweet Rez.


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