Ridge Racer 7 In Crazy 3D

rr704.jpg Testing of a 3D version of Ridge Racer 7 at Namco's Wonderpark HeroesBase in Kawasaki City. The 3D used in the PS3 racing title was developed by NHK and supposedly does not make one's eyes tired. Called "Xpol," two images are processed for each eye by blending the scanning lines on LCD TVs. Since images are made from polygons, they are relatively easy to convert to 3D, since the only changes need to be so that base image displays for each eye. According to Game Watch Impress, frame rates have slipped slightly. Free location test runs until the 14th of this month. Hey, that's tomorrow!rr705.jpg 3D Ridge Racer [Game Watch, Thanks ******* ***!]


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