Roach Burgers (Yum, Yum)

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Travels... or Trevails

I know whatcha mean about relaxing. Today consisted of going to immigration, taking the kid to the doctor, writing two magazine articles and calling Austria. Nothing like calling Austria. Fine place!

So I got a few more prospective places for our TGS party. Very much looking forward to the meet up.

While I was out today, I took the wife to eat hamburgers. We went to Freshness Burger. Freshness Burger is like MOS Burger, but not as good. Mrs. Bashcraft had never been to Freshness Burger, so we went. We both were famished and sat down to our Classic Burger and Classic Burger with cheese. Not bad. Not as good as MOS Burger, but w/e. So as we're sitting there, gobbling down our burgers and my wife is talking about going to Universal Studios Japan with the kid, I see a large, black cockroach scurry across the floor.

My wife is still going on about USJ as I check my food. No roaches. I glance over hers, which seems fine. I have two options: Tell my wife I saw a cockroach or don't. Telling her would involve her getting freaked out and having to go to another restaurant. And besides! We had already eaten half our food.

The rest of the lunch was spent chewing my food, choking it down and looking at the black, shiny roach inch its way up the wall. Mrs. Bashcraft said her Classic Burger was delicious.

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