R-Type Tactics Hands-On Impressions

rtypetactics.jpgI didn't even know R-Type Tactics was being shown here, so (literally) bumping into it was a nice surprise. Even nicer was the fact that nobody was playing it, so I went ahead and gave it some of my precious time. First impression was that my inability to read Japanese was going to hurt: the game's got a billion menu screens, none of which are in English, which meant ten of my 25 minutes with the thing were spent fumbling through the menus.

Once I finally got there though, it's... what you'd expect! It's a hex, turn-based strategy game, where you're controlling an entire fleet (capital ships, the works) instead of just one. A basic, old-fashioned game, then, but it does look nice, and as a fan of older PC titles like Panzer General it's great seeing the genre alive and kicking. Might be worth a look-in for R-Type fanboys, but probably more of an investment for strategy fans.


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