Rumbling Ratchet Is Rad

tgs07-ratchet.jpgRatchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is fun, plain and simple. I got a hands on play session — which meant hands on the new DUALSHOCK3 — and had an absolute blast going through the demo level. The action is all there, everything looks as close to Pixar animation is we've seen in a new-gen game, and the controller rrrrrrumbles like it should!

Even though we only get to try out one level, it does offer a nice variety of play styles that I imagine is representative of what you'll end up doing throughout the game. Regular 3rd perspective action, jumping high, really high, to new level areas, overhead perspective — with great animation, although you have no control — some good grinding, and then even a short nod to the SIXAXIS as you freefall and need to avoid hitting speeding vehicles. It's what we want from a Ratchet game, with just the right amount of newness, and shine, to prevent it from feeling stale.


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