Sam & Max Season Two Dates, Details

sammax2.jpgBest part of Sam & Max: the fact it proved episodic gaming can work. Get a game finished, get it out in a timely manner, make it cheap, people appreciate it. The fact it was an adventure game, starring Sam & Max, was the icing on the cake. All of that means there were a ot of you big on the series, so Telltale would like you to know the details for Season Two. It will commence on November 8 for GameTap subscribers, and will be available on November 9 on Telltale's site. Following that, each episode will launch on the second Thursday of each month, first on GameTap then on Telltale's site a day later. Except episode 2. It launches on January 10/11, and it's after that the monthly schedule kicks in. The series will run until April, and include five games in all. Got all that? Oh, wonderful. It's too nice a day here to go repeating press releases.


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