SCEE Employee Nabbed Editing Halo 3 Wiki Entry?

scee_liverpool_logo.jpgBack in April, an edit to the Halo 3 entry on Wikipedia—which has to date seen over 8,500 edits—added the nasty little caveat "it wont look any better than Halo 2" in response to the claim that it will "set a new high water mark for next-generation games." That edit just happens to IP-traceable to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Liverpool Studio. That edit was up for less than 30 minutes, but still, the fanboy damage has been done.While it's unclear at just what level the user editing the Wikipedia entry was employed, it's clear that the editor has a bone to pick with the Xbox 360 and someone named Mike. In an entry for Tomb Raider Anniversary, the same IP wrote "Not on the Xbox 360, IN YOUR FACE MIKE!" There are multiple edits to the God of War II entry, the entries for Mike and Michael and the entry for the term Jockey. References to jockeying (instead of controlling) are made throughout a period of edits.

The editor using SCEE Liverpool's IP also weighed in on Hideo Kojima with one edit, simply adding "PS Kojima is nuts!"

Hey, who here loves the internet? It's great, isn't it?

Sony insults Halo 3 on Wikipedia [N4G, thanks to the billions that sent this in!]


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