SCi Up For Sale, Somebody Interested

SCi Up For Sale, Somebody Interested

fosale.jpgBritish publisher SCi (ie Eidos) have let the London Stock Exchange know that someone’s made an offer to purchase them they (most likely) can’t refuse. They’ve even released a statement, which reads:

Following the recent speculation in the press, the Board of SCi Entertainment Group confirms that it has received an approach and as a result has entered into extremely preliminary discussions regarding a possible offer for the Company.

No proposal has been received at this time, however, and there can be no certainty that any offer for the Company will be made or as to the terms of any such offer were one to be made.

So…Lara Croft’s up for grabs. Think EA are the interested party? Seems likely. Think of the crossover possibilities! Tomb Raider 2009. Or Army of Three. Or, best case scenario, she can be the flag-dropping bint at the start of every Need for Speed race. What a fitting end to a dignified career that would be.
SCi confirms approach has been made []

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