Sega Delays The Club To 2008 Ship Date

medium_830831973_77fa03f236_o.jpgFor whatever reason I never believed The Club would ship in 2007, so it's hard to see this as "news" proper. But The Club has been delayed on all platforms to a February 2008 release. For those who don't remember, McWhertor really liked the game during his impressions at E3, though the title alone is a bit too trendy for my tastes.

On a somewhat related note, does anyone believe ship dates when they're more than 2 months out? Because I sure don't. My heart's been broken too many times as I've sat alone at my TV with an empty bottle of wine and a plate of cold quail, settling for XBLA ports in the dark.

Sega Announces Ship Date for "The Club" [gamingtoday]


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