Sega Predicts 4 Million For Mario and Sonic

marsonic.jpgSega is counting on the Wii rekindling of a 16-year old rivalry will match the sales of the first shot fired in the Mario VS Sonic war back in 1991. The original Sonic The Hedgehog sold 4 million copies, and Sega's Masanao Maeda says Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games will do the same. The corporate director at Sega's gaming unit made the statement at the Tokyo Games Show yesterday. Considering the number of Wii systems already in gamers' hands and the fact that this is one title that people will buy to see Sonic and Mario in the same place no matter how good or bad it turns out to be, I'd have to say that it's a realistic goal. Hell, Sonic Heroes alone sold a million copies in Europe, and it completely sucked. If that many people will buy crap with Sonic's name on it, adding Mario to the mix should get them 4 million easy.

Sega Sammy Says Sonic and Mario Game Sales May Reach 4 Million [Bloomberg via Next Generation]


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