Sega Rally Impressions

Segarally.jpg I went to a Sega Booth tour that really was nothing more than the guy gesturing me towards their booth and then walking away. After looking around I realised that all of the games were in Japanese and the ones that weren't were already being covered by my colleagues so I went for the one game that was close and didn't have anyone mobbing it which turned out to be Sega Rally for the PS3.

While I love kart games, I've never been a big fan of "realistic" racing games. I like a little fantasy with my games, something that makes me forget that I live in the real world. But, I decided to put my reservations aside and take the game on it's own merits.

The track I tried out had an African Safari theme and the graphics were nice if not a little typical. It looked very real and the terrain physics were well done. As you raced around the track, your car would leave ruts in the dirt that would still be there when you came back around and would affect your driving. Tearing through puddles will cause you to slide around, but I would have loved to have seen some mud splashed on the screen for a little extra effect.

Three times around the track and it was over, leaving me feeling a little blase'. Overall it seemed like a pretty decently put together driving game but with nothing terribly new or spectacular to really make it stand out. Fans of the genre may enjoy it as another addition to their library, but if you weren't a fan before, I doubt Sega Rally will change your mind.


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