Shane Kim Says If No Halo 3 Profit, Then When?

shanekimcontroller.jpg For as much as Microsoft has spent on its gaming division, it hasn't really seen anything back profit-wise. From what I last heard, it had received exactly nothing. Good thing all the kids are snapping up that Halo 3! The console maker just *might* eek out a profit. Even Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Shane Kim is optimistic! Well, sorta. He recently told the BBC:

It's far too early to say what the financial return will be for our investment... If we can't make a profit in the year Halo 3 comes out, then when will we?

Um, never? No worries, Microsoft, just have Bungie make Halo 4, 5 and 6, and you're good as gold. Finish the franchise. Halo 3 Sales [BBC]


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