Show Nintendo Your Donkey Kong

donkeykong.jpgNintendo wants you to put monkeys in strange places. Don't look at me, they said it. In conjunction with photo sharing site SmugMug (no porn, I looked), Nintendo has issued the "DK Climb to the Top Challenge" to commemorate the release of DK Jungle Climber on the Nintendo DS. You have from now until October 1st to submit a picture to the contest page at, showing Donkey Kong climbing in strange and exotic places, with the five best submissions receiving a DS Lite and a copy of the game. Entries can be hand-drawn, digitally manipulated, or actual snapshots, though if you can get a picture of an ape at least twice the size of a man climbing something you've either got other things to worry about, or you're Jane Goodall, in which case you're disqualified. Take that, Goodall!


Photo Contest Marks the Launch of DK Jungle Climber

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 12, 2007 - Nintendo and photo-sharing Web site SmugMug are looking for images of Donkey Kong�, who reportedly has been spotted climbing notable landmarks worldwide. Images of the climbing video game icon can be submitted to through Oct. 1, 2007, and the five best images win a Nintendo DS system and a copy of DK Jungle Climber.

The "DK Climb to the Top Challenge" photo contest marks the Sept. 10 launch of the new DK Jungle Climber video game for the portable Nintendo DS�, which sets the great ape on a new, swinging adventure. Entrants are welcome to submit any and all images they find of Donkey Kong climbing in unusual places, including hand-drawn pictures, electronically manipulated photos or even actual snapshots. Visit for complete contest details and prize information.


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