Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

slimtgs.jpgWell would you look at that. New colours and a new Final Fantasy VII game, and the PSP doesn't just shoot to #1 on the sales charts, it goes ahead and sells more than twice as many units as everything else combined. Who could possibly have guessed it? Well... us! Last week you couldn't shift your feet (awkwardly, and uncomfortably) on a Japanese train without bumping into somebody playing Crisis Core on their PSP. Or somebody watching the Crisis Core advertisements playing around the clock on their little subway TV displays. Or somebody trying to do both.

PSP - 277,794 DS Lite - 70,523 Wii - 24,992 PS2 - 11,373 PS3 - 10,732 Xbox360 - 1,687 Game Boy Micro - 243 GBA SP - 106 GameCube - 68 GBA - 33 DS - 15


    Wow... so FFVII>Halo 3 in Japan.

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