Simple Series Coming To XBLA?

xblarcadelogo.jpgI was just over at D3's booth checking out some of their Simple series of budget games. Most of them were pretty good, considering their cheap, cheap price, especially their new line of Wii games. Remember: these games might look basic, but they're cheap and the company churn out around 119 of them a week, so the law of averages dictates that you're bound to see one you like sooner or later. Right now, you (provided "you" are Japanese) can see them on the PS2, DS, PSP and Wii. Soon, though, you might be seeing them on your 360 as well. s2000.jpgI asked the D3 (the Simple series' publisher) PR rep taking me around their booth about the possibility of the series appearing on the 360 or PS3, and she said no, no they had no plans for that. But when I asked her about the possibility of the series turning up as downloadable titles on XBLA or the PSN, she nodded slightly, then said they had two cheap, easy games coming out soon on Xbox Live Arcade. D3 were still unsure whether to formally attach the Simple tag to them, but I was assured either way that they'd be simple, and I was assured they'd be cheap.

If D3 turn these two games into a regular lineup of Simple games over XBLA, this is good news. If the games actually turn up outside of Japan, that'd be even better news.


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