Sin And Punishment Coming To Virtual Console… In Australia?

sin_punishment_au.jpgWith Treasure’s Nintendo 64 rail shooter Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth recently revealed as a release candidate for the Wii Virtual Console service in Japan, we wondered if we’d (finally) get a proper English language translation of the game. That possibility looks more and more likely as the Australian Classification Board rated the game M for “moderate violence” and “moderate themes” just a few days ago.

Good news for the Aussies, but what about those of us in North America? While the rating doesn’t guarantee a release above the equator, any English language region release certainly lends more weight to a release here. I know I’ve got 1000 Wii Points earmarked, just in case.

SIN & PUNISHMENT: SUCCESSOR TO THE EARTH [Australian Classification Board via NeoGAF]


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