Snake Inflitrates Smash Bros. Dojo

fireemblemsnake.jpgWith every one looking for him at the Tokyo Game Show, Solid Snake has used the diversion to infiltrate Smash Bros. Dojo! in a series of not one but three updates today. The first update merely introduces the character to the site in standard Dojo fashion. The next gives you a chance to listen to the "Metal Gear Solid: MGS4 Love Theme (Smash Bros. Brawl Version)", composed by Nobuko Toda and arranged by Akihiro Honda, created specially for the game. It's 100% MGS music. Epic, powerful, while at the same time maintaining the haunting, mournful quality unique to the series. Finally we have Snake's special moves, all of which involve our hero using military ordinance to do something horrible to the bad cartoon people. My favourite is the remote-controlled missile, though using the Cypher flying reconnaissance camera to recover from a fall is a nice touch.

Snake's Page On Smash Bros. Dojo!! [Smash Bros. Dojo!]


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