SNK's Unfulfilled Home Hardware Plans

snkosakasoffice.JPG Back before SNK was bought by a pachinko company (SNK is now once again independent), the company announced it was working on new hardware. What kind of hardware? Most assumed that meant a new Neo Geo portable. A former employee tells Insert Credit's Brandon Sheffield that SNK that wasn't quite true. Apparently, SNK sunk a chunk of cash into a new chip that was going to be used for next-gen arcade hardware and a new home console. SNK's cash flow got tight, and the new chip started to look "a bit silly" when compared to other consoles that were on the market between 1999~2000. The chip was small enough to fit in a portable device, and that could've been another option. So, how did it look? "Much better than Neo Geo 64," the insider tells Sheffield. Good to know! SNK Hardware [Insert Credit]


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