So What Did Rockstar Change To Get Manhunt 2 Released?

manhunt2axe.jpgIGN know, they've just sat down with a copy of the new, ready-for-release cut of Manhunt 2. So just what, exactly, is the difference between it and the original, not-suitable-for-release version? They report that the victim of the censor's blade has been the game's death sequences, those little cutscenes you got when successfully bringing an opponent down via stealth. One, involving a set of pliers and a man's kenobis, has been completely removed. All other kill shots have been graphically edited, so that the camera darkens and blurs, obscuring just what exactly is going on. You can still get the rough idea (ie knife to face), just not in the same vivid detail as before. Manhunt 2 Wii Update [IGN]


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