Sony Applies Spin To August NPD Sales

ps3_august_npd.jpgWith the Wii, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360 sitting pretty atop the NPD hardware sales charts and Madden NFL 08 taking the numero uno spot in the software sales charts, you'd think that Sony would have nothing to sing about. Guess again. Sony's official statement on the subject called August 2007 "a strong month for the PlayStation brand" citing $US 340 million in sales.

With the PLAYSTATION 3 in last place for the month, admittedly without Game Boy Advance figures, Sony says of the next-gen contender that it " finished off the summer by maintaining a steady increase in units sold over pre-July numbers, with 130,623 units sold at retail for the month" boasting of a "61% lift at retail over the past two months."

The company points to "some out of stock situations" at retail for the month-to-month decrease in PSP sales. While some potential PSP buyers may have been simply holding onto their cash waiting for the PSP 2000 revision, Sony says that decreased supplies of the current PSP were partially due to the transition in manufacturing to the new model.

We simply can't wait to hear from Microsoft and Nintendo.


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