Sony Bans PSP Homebrew Talk On Forums

brewstand.jpgSCEA has said no more posting about PSP homebrew on their forums.

Homebrew applications void the warranty of the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system, and an official area to discuss such activities cannot be provided by SCEA. Any postings that are clearly homebrew-related, such as those providing instructions on downgrading firmware updates, will be removed from this board.

But is it really any surprise? While many have picked up this story, disgusted with Sony (and somewhat rightly so), who can expect Sony to allow their bandwidth to be spent in a manner that is (in their eyes) directly opposing their business? It's a shame that Sony has not found a way to embrace the homebrew community—a move that would be great PR for their promising but underutilised portable. But until they realise the potential in supporting non-pirated homebrew, we can't feign disgust or surprise at what is a very reasonable move made by an unreasonable company.

Sony Forum [via gamesradar]


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