Sony Execs Talk Home's Adults Only Zones & How You Will Profit

OH HOMEThe semi-unofficial Sony bloggers at Three Speech sat down with a trio of key Sony Computer Entertaiment execs—namely Jamie Macdonald, VP of Worldwide Studios, Paulina Bozek, Executive Producer of SingStar and Peter Edward, Director of the PlayStation Home Platform Group—to chat about all things "Game 3.0." User created content is a Big Deal at Sony right now, with SingStar, LittleBigPlanet and Home leading the charge. So, what can we expect from Home? How about adults-only areas?

While the potential may sound saucy, Home's 18-plus zones will most likely be less randy than other unnamed online social networks, with Edwards riffing about stuff like casinos and mature rated game trailers being restricted to the kids. Expect less "Wild West" experiences, says Edwards, and more family geared Home socialising.The execs also touch on some of the economic aspects of Home, touting the potential for consumer-to-consumer exchanges via built in tools, including, for example, virtual t-shirt sales. With the recent registration of Sony's Dress trademark, one might wonder how close to completion some of these tools may be.

There's plenty of fodder for discussion in the interview, including how Sony will foster a robust Home community with a decidedly lower install base. A bit of SingStar stuff is thrown in for good measure, but it's the Home subjects that are most interesting.

Sony Chiefs On Web 2.0 And Gaming [Three Speech]


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