Sony Invites Microsoft To Blu-ray

Sony Invites Microsoft To Blu-ray

Batman_joker_tv.jpgIn a recent interview, Sony’s Don Eklund, executive vice president of advanced technologies, had this to say about the companies they’d like to be partnering with for Blu-ray.

We would love to have Toshiba and Microsoft on board.

It’s corporate BS like this that makes my day—the equivalent of Marvel trading the Spiderman IP for some free Wonder Woman comics. My other favourite quote?

Toshiba can’t keep dropping prices much more…It maybe a strategy for fighting a format war, but for us it has to be profitable.

Profit? Sony? Blu-ray?

Having attended the most recent presentation from both the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps in Berlin, I walked away realising just how poorly HD DVD is performing, as well as just how integral the PS3 has been to the limited success of Blu-ray.

But talk of profits? Ha!

Sony invites Toshiba and Microsoft to join Blu-ray camp

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