Sony Planning Slow Home Roll Out

home_big_bang.jpgThe team sat down with Sony's Jamie Macdonald, VP of Worldwide Studios, to chat more about the status of Home for the PLAYSTATION 3 recently. And while MacDonald may think Home "might be one of a number of reasons why a consumers might buy a PlayStation 3 in the first place" he says that gamers (and non-gamers) shouldn't expect a traditional, full featured "big bang launch". He tells that we should expect more production "beta" behavior, a la Web 2.0 apps like Gmail.

With Home still in closed beta testing, and newly rumoured updates creeping out this week, it would appear that the social networking platform still needs some time to incubate. Looks like that other rumour of a mid-October release date is looking less likely. Surely we'll know more after TGS.

I'm checking my account for an invite, just in case.

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