Space Giraffe Is Like Joyce's Ulysses?

spacegiraffescreen.jpg Via GameSetWatch comes an musing on Space Giraffe, Yak Minter's psychedelic shooter that people seem to either love or hate. The author is Jonathan Blow, the guy behind Braid, and he says you either get Space Giraffe (and love it), or you don't (and hate it, giving it 2/10 when you write your review).

This game is about expanding your perception. It demands that you learn to see. Most of the reviewers who gave the game low scores, I claim, were too closed-minded; they weren't receptive to this kind of teaching, which the game is obviously telling you it wants to do, if you are quiet enough and listen.

The game could be much clearer about its intentions. There's a tutorial, but it only teaches you the basic game mechanics (and not very clearly, at that). The tutorial never says anything like "this game is going to throw ever-more visual insanity at you, and your job is to make sense of it all". That would have been undesirably heavy-handed, but I know that if Jeff had structured the game so that this intent was somehow clear to the player from the start, there would be many fewer bad reviews.

He goes on to say that maybe Space Giraffe is like James Joyce's Ulysses - a firestorm for controversy, but some people just don't get it. Me? Not a fan of Ulysses, but I'm pretty fond of Space Giraffe.

In which I compare Space Giraffe to Ulysses [Braid via GameSetWatch]


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