Space Giraffe Is Rubbish, The Shirt

spacegiraffee.jpg I'll be honest. I haven't played Space Giraffe, because my Xbox 360 is still in the intensive care unit. (Have you? You like it?) Paper mag Official Xbox Magazine didn't dig the game much at all, giving it a 2/10. Over at Something Awful, Space Giraffe creator and head yak Jeff Minter called the review "the most extraordinary example of egregious fuckwittery" he's ever seen. Right or wrong, the magazine is certainly entitled to its opinion! Just as Minter is entitled to make t-shirts lampooning that review. They're available for purchase, too. Buy one if you like. Wear it, too.

Fuckwittery. Gotta remember that one. Funny. Minter Makes Shirt [YakYak]


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