Spielberg Game Has Character From Far-Assed Future

capt.6d8f2ffbce0940cca9f58e1f014a817a.video_game_expo_cabk104.jpg Director Steven Spielberg is making three games for Electronic Arts. One of them is a block-puzzle game (ungh) for the Wii, and it was a result of meeting Nintendo's resident genius Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2006. The second game is an epic adventure title for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. According to EA, the game "focuses on a touching and ever-changing relationship between you and a mysterious female character who holds the key to many futures." The third game is a secret.We don't have intel about the first game (good) or the third game (bummer). However, an insider has passed along a few details about the second title. The game is of course an action-adventure title, and the "mysterious female character" is apparently a time traveller from 50 million years in the future. Yes, FIFTY MILLION YEARS. She will have many non-human features which are central to the gameplay and plot. What's more, Spielberg wants to make a movie or a series of movies (why stop at one!) based on the game. EA has been assigning random code names to these Spielberg titles. For example, one of them is supposedly called "LMNO" internally. Make of this what you will.


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