Sports Columnist Says Video Games Desensitise Us To Sports Violence

KevinEverett.jpgBuffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett suffered a spinal injury during a game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday that left him paralysed. While the nation sympathises with Everett's plight and wishes him well, one sports writer took the injury as an opportunity to take a swipe at video games. Bob Molinaro of the Virginian-Pilot had this to say:

This makes me wonder if the catastrophic injury to Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett will make any real impression on the desensitised adolescents and adults raised with the cartoon violence of "Madden '08" or "NFL Blitz," or the absurd blood-and-guts scenarios associated with other Xbox games.

The hell? Did this come completely out of left field or what? Just because we play sports video games we can't tell the difference between a virtual simulation and a real man's pain and suffering? Ug. What's next, a financial correspondent telling us we don't care about the the economy because we are desensitised by the cartoon economics of Sim City? Everybody pile on the gaming industry! Video-game generation may be desensitised to NFL injuries [The Pilot Online via Game Politics]


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