Stranglehold For PS3, PC Pushed Back One More Time

stranglehold_delay.jpgYes, the Xbox 360 version has "gone gold" and should meet its previously scheduled release date, but it appears the Curse of John Woo has once again forced Midway to push back Stranglehold for the PLAYSTATION 3 and the PC one (hopefully) final time. According to the latest schedule from the Stranglehold publisher, the Xbox 360 version is hitting on September 5th, with the PC version shipping a couple of weeks later, and the PS3 picking up the rear on the 25th. Good thing nothing else of importance is shipping that day.

Wait, I'm double checking my calendar. Oh. Oh my. That's not good.

No big deal. We PS3 gamers are certainly used to waiting for the Xbox 360's hand-me-downs. I suppose the promise of the Blu-ray version of Hard Boiled will make the wait much easier.


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