Super Swing Golf: Season 2

ssg2.jpgI got a little private room session with Kohei Shibata, producer of Super Swing Golf: Season 2. I had a great time with the first Super Swing Golf although I did find it rather hard. I had hoped they would do something to improve on it and my prayers were answered when the first thing he said was that they had made the game easier to use. They've taken the opportunity since the first game to brush up and simplify the controls and interface based on user's input about the first game. They made a point of reading blogs and reviews to see exactly what players were looking for as far as improvements.One of the first things you'll notice is that there are four characters unlocked from the beginning instead of just one. New costumes have been added and the interface has been made much simpler. The camera controls no longer require wild gesticulation with the Wii remote and can all be done using the d-pad to move around and the plus and minus buttons to move in and out. As far as playing controls, a new system has been implemented where an arrow appears after you make your shot to show you what mistakes you might have made. They have also improved the learning curve by creating a special club for beginners that will make perfect shots, yet will show you what you did wrong so you can improve upon it.

When I was playing the single player mode in the original, I always found it frustrating how difficult playing against the AI characters was. They always seemed to make the perfect shot and beating them, especially in the later courses, was next to impossible. In this new version, the AI has been toned down quite a bit to make it easier to earn points, win and buy those sweet outfits. And speaking of outfits, Mr. Shibata told me that not only would we be getting the previously announced Ninja Gaiden costume, but another DOA costume and a "classic Tecmo game costume". Whatever could that be?

A new party mode has been added where players can compete in such competitions as Longest Drive, Balloon Pop and Target Practice which was similar to a dart game but with golf balls. One clever bit gives other players items which they can use to distract the current player and try and mess up their shot, like a crayon to scribble on the screen or a fan to cause the wind to blow in a different direction. In keeping with the group theme, multiple save spots are also available.

Overall, the improvements will make a much better, easier to play game and with three new courses this will be a definite but for anyone who enjoyed the first one. If you're new to the series, the simpler controls will make it much easier for you to get into the game and be able to share the experience with family and friends.


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