Sweet Remote Controlled HDMI Switchers

DSC01089.JPGI may very well be one of the only people with this problem, but HDMI-enabled devices are a total pain in the ass for me. That's because when I bought my television there weren't many out there with multiple HDMI in ports, so mine only has one. And I have a cable box, PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite that all use HDMI. So I bought the only switcher I could find at the time, a 2-1 splitter, and just manually swap cables, which is a pain in the ass.

Walking around CEDIA today I stumbled upon RT Com, a company that specialises in HDMI switchers and splitters. What caught my attention was this nifty set-up: One Playstation 3 playing on six high-def televisions at once. Once there they I spotted an 3-1 remote controlled HDMI switcher for $US130, not bad, not bad at all.


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