Talismoon's Shiny Wii Cases

silverwii.jpgWhat's a warranty when your Wii could be this freaking pretty? Talismoon has released their Evolve series of replacement cases for the Wii, and my great love of shiny things throbbing as I flip through the gallery below. Judging from the look the cases they fall into the "easy unless you're stupid" category of system mods, even including a fully-assembled front panel so you don't have to fiddle with buttons falling out all over the place. The $US 39.99 Evolve cases come in eight delicious flavors: Abyss Blade, Black Katana, Blue Bushido, Green Tanto, Pink Geisha, Red Ronin (of course), Silver Shuriken, and Stealth Assassin. I'm trying to figure out what their theme is, but for the life of me it keeps escaping me. All I know is my Wii warranty is up in two months, and I'm a sucker for a chrome finish. Hit up the Talismoon webpage for more details.


    warning to all users i just brought one of these from teamxecuter australia its missing a part and seller ingnores my emails beware dont buy from this seller

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